A Guide to Presenting your business.

Presenting your business.

Published on: 2010-01-09

A good way of presenting your business is by compiling a sales memorandum. This document can be presented to potential purchasers and is a great way to highlight the good points about your business. It can also be used to offer solutions to some negative points and give the potential buyer a good idea of what your business is about without giving away confidential information before you are sure they are not time wasters.

Try to include some of the following topics in your sales memorandum:

  • A summary of the sector your businesses is in
  • Important financial figures like profit, cash flow, value of assets and asking price should be included. You can also use this section to highlight how your businesses performance compares with previous years.
  • Include a summary of your business, what areas you operate in, how long you?ve been trading, a summary of your management team and a mission statement.
  • A staff summary highlighting the number of staff you employ and whether they have any special skills or qualifications that are essential to operating the business.
  • Include a summary highlighting the future growth potential of the company and list any opportunities that might be important.
  • You should also include a summary of why you are selling your business. Try to have a clear reason for why you are selling a successful business.

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