Website Franchise

Financial Details
Franchise Fee:  12495
Total Investment:  13000
Available Areas
Web Design Franchises
Advertising / Marketing Franchises Website Franchise

Business Franchise Opportunity

You have a great opportunity to take control of your own financial future by offering businesses in your area a unique online self-editing website that is quick and easy to use. Our it'seeze web editing tool is the only web solution that offers customers total online control of their website content and saves on expensive web editing costs. It is a
unique piece of software that has taken 4 years to develop.

All sites are professionally designed and maintained by experts.
So you DO NOT require any design or web experience as offer a full design and build service to get your clients
websites up and running as soon as possible. Website Franchise

An 'Easy-to run' Business

We provide everything from the database of potential clients to the laptop you will use to demonstrate this excellent system and better still, once the client has ordered a website, you can leave the rest to us!

We take the stress out of running your new business with
our 'easy to use' buisness management package.

Using the simple it'seeze demo site, you can show
clients how easy it is to develop
and edit their sites.

TEAM OF EXPERTS Website Franchise Website Franchise

with's pioneering
website control system!
  • Absolutely NO COMPETITION for this website franchise.
  • Totally unique product
  • NO experience needed
  • Earn up to 40,000 in year 1
  • Monthly income from every new customer
  • Proven within the internet marketplace
  • FULL support from expert team
  • Very easy to demonstrate and sell
  • No admin! We take control for you. All online.
  • A ready-made business package

A proven product

Over the last four years, Franchise has developed a unique website system, distinctively named 'it'seeze', that is simply the easiest and best self-editing website building system the world has yet seen. After rigorous market testing and having sold over 500 websites, we are now able to offer an exceptional website franchise opportunity to those individuals looking to start their own business in an exciting and growing new technology sector. Website Franchise

What YOU have to do is...

  • Arrange the client meeting using the database provided
  • Present it'seeze using our demo site and the laptop provided
  • Help the client select their website type and style
  • Fill in the on-line 'Client Briefing Form'
  • Take the client's on-line payment
  • Submit all information to head office via the internet

Provide a brief client training session after the site goes live
and that's it! will then assume client contact and account management. You can then focus on acquiring your next customer...

We do the rest.

  • Gather client information
  • Build initial website
  • Design & populate agreed pages
  • Set-up domain name and email addresses
  • Organise, maintain and invoice client monthly payments
  • Provide clients with full technical support service
  • Update clients' sites as new functions are developed Website FranchiseWhat does the website franchise
package include?

Everything you will need for a successful launch and a fast start in your business!
  • Comprehensive Induction Training Course
  • Extensive protected franchise territory
  • Business laptop with all proprietary software installed
  • Presentation website, Sales Portfolio and full range of marketing materials
  • Businesses database and CRM system
  • Automated customer order, payment and invoicing system and much more!
Who are we looking for?

Confident, determined self-starters who enjoy marketing, making presentations and developing an expanding customer base.

Because the it'seeze system is simple to learn and full training is provided, you do not need any technical skills or specific sales experience - just a passion for meeting people and helping them to understand how an it'seeze website can improve their business. Website Franchise

So what's the earnings potential?

With's unique 'easy-payment' policy for clients, you will not only benefit from instant commission on initial site builds but also from ever increasing residual commissions from monthly fees. Just like musicians or authors receiving royalties, you will do the work once but enjoy commissions over and over again!

How much you can earn depends on your energy, commitment and success but it is anticipated that 40,000 + in your first year and 70,000+ in year two will become the norm rather than the exception. Website Franchise