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Franchise Fee:  4995
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Online Global Business Opportunity

Are you...

Unfulfilled in the choices you have made?
Looking for a career change?
Wanting to boost your income?
At a cross roads in your life?
Looking for the next challenge?
Fed up of work?
Facing redundancy?

Do you want to...

Take control of your future?
Doing something you can be proud of?
Achieve a work/life balance?
Be your own boss?
Learn new skills?
Work from home?

If this is you, this exciting new internet business opportunity could be just what youve been looking for... whats more it can be operated from anywhere in the World.


Let us introduce to you this fantastic new global business opportunity...


This business opportunity:

  • Operates in a booming industry which is constantly increasing, meaning your customer base is constantly on the increase
  • Can be operated anywhere in the World, due to its simplicity
  • Is safeguarded against current economic uncertainty
  • Can be picked up and put down whenever you want - there is no need to give it your constant attention
  • Here at Activ we have developed an easy to use product that allows you to design and develop websites for clients in your exclusive area.

"Hold on, is that it???"

"Web Design made easy..."

"Surely there must be other companies doing this..."

"Web Design has been around for years..."

Yes you would be right in thinking this - therefore why are there still so many people and businesses who dont have one?

We have carried out extensive research into this... and we have identified one main reason!

What is it???

They are... Confused...


Does www. Mean to you Worried With Websites?"

"Are you inactive when it comes to the internet?"

"Dont know your e-commerce from your elbow?"

Here at Activ Web Design, not only have we developed an easy to use product

but we have also taken away all of this confusion...

How? - This is How...

We offer websites at one price! Well we do in the UK, and it works fantastically. As this will be your business, and you wont be based in the UK you do have the freedom to charge whatever prices you like, however we have identified one clear message with one price structure for all, works fantastically.

Activ Activ

This Business Opportunity is booming in the UK, and now due to its simplicity is available to anyone from across the Globe. If youre looking for a future proof business opportunity, this is it.

You can offer everyday websites for everyday people meaning the chances are the majority of people you speak to arent going to know what all the technical jargon means.

A Quick test...

Do you know...

  • What a Domain name is?
  • What meta tags do?
  • What is Search Engine optimization?
  • What hosting means?

If you do great.... But if you dont please dont worry as you are just the sort of person who will succeed with this business opportunity.

Activ Web Design works to the following philosophy?

Do you want a website? YES

Great we can provide you one, exactly how you want it, leave the rest to us.


This new business will bridge the gap and eradicate the mystery of web design. It neednt be as expensive, time consuming or difficult as the industry portrays.

There is No technical knowledge required and this really is web design made easy!

Activ Web Design allows you to build websites in no time at all allowing you to maximise your earnings.

Activ Web Design gives you the opportunity to deliver a product in a booming marketplace with no previous experience.

You will receive your very own website to market yourself as a web designer and access to our product so you can design the sites yourself.

This is what makes us unique, and is why we have taken the UK by storm and now expanding across the Globe. The internet is a booming market place, and is only going to increase as it continues to develop into a way of life for us all.

To find out more please contact us on 0845 094 0497.